Travis Pond (L) and Bryan Ohno (R) at gallery

Travis Pond's studio is in Oregon City, Oregon. He is a modern-day, industrial age "hunter and gatherer" of steel objects. His medium captures the remnants of man's everyday living; a past life immortalized in his industrial use of steel. Pond reincarnates these objects into a metaphor of nature, an essence of humanity and his relationship with nature. As a collector of metal, he is in constant search of steel: Anything from utensils to motors, from bicycle cogs to tools.

People who know him as a connoisseur of used steel, will bring their metal for him to transform into a new form of life. He has a keen eye for objects everywhere he goes. Once he finds the object, he lives with it and quietly plots its re-emergence.

Once his blue print takes shape, the next phase begins. He sketches how each object will connect and form. The next few steps are crucial as the skeletal shape he welds makes or breaks the final look. As the object takes form, the rest is akin to an orchestrated symphony of movements. He ceaselessly continues until the project is completed.

How it gets created

The Bryan Ohno Gallery now offers unique and small edition work under five hundred dollars. The pieces are created by featured gallery artists. The artworks are available for purchase online. To view the work, please call the gallery and make an appointment.  

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