Bryan Ohno Gallery & Urban Art Concept

Gallery Interns Wanted for Fall 2017

Now accepting internship applications for Bryan Ohno Gallery and Urban Art Concept ( Gallery interns will work closely with owner Bryan Ohno to gain hands-on experience in corporate acquisitions and acquire an intimate understanding of daily gallery operations. There are currently three unique positions available.

The gallery encourages both undergraduate and graduate students with interest in art or art history; business majors and students with entrepreneurial interests. Students curious to learn about the operation of a small business will find this internship extremely rewarding. The gallery seeks individuals who have a zest for creative thinking and problem solving. Typical gallery assignments will range from implementing business strategy and marketing, to art writing and exhibition curating. From drafting a professional email to speaking in front of an audience, this position is an opportunity to polish and prepare for the business world.

Candidates should possess strong writing skills and a working knowledge of photo and video editing programs is helpful.


This is a part-time position. We are seeking a two-quarter commitment (fall and winter) from the interns as many of the current projects will complete within this time frame. The first eight weeks will be unpaid while the latter 12 weeks will be paid based on aptitude. The internship positions require a minimum of 12 hours a week: 3 hours x 3 days onsite (at the gallery) and 3 hours remotely.

The gallery will also work with students and schools to ensure that those seeking academic credit for their internship experience fulfill all requirements.

About the Gallery:

The Bryan Ohno Gallery, selected in 2014 as one the “Top 10 Contemporary Art Galleries” in Seattle by The Culture Trip, features works that blur the line between art and science, challenge artistic traditions, and embrace evolving cultural intersections. The gallery first opened its doors in 1996 in Pioneer Square and has since relocated to the International District, a thriving artists' neighborhood.

Positions Available:

Corporate Art Acquisition Intern  

This intern will assist the gallery director to curate and acquire artwork for the Seattle-based world headquarter of a Fortune 500 company which will open later this year. Approximately 50 works will be selected.

This intern will interact with high-profile and artistic individuals; therefore, we ask only candidates with polished confidence, impeccable communication skills, timeliness, professionalism, maturity, and discretion to apply. Ability to read architectural floor plans and set timetables are definite advantages.

Gallery Curator Intern  

If you have ever had the aspirations towards organizing art exhibits from the ground up in an entrepreneurial environment, this job is for you! While holding a foundation for art history is wildly helpful, I look for a personality and a savvy eye for the current contemporary art scene. You will be allotted a small budget to coordinate the exhibits under the vision of the gallery director.  

From February to August, BOG will organize theme-based group exhibition. Each show will consist of 8-12 artists. The process required to reach this number will bring an in-depth analysis of art from local and from the national contemporary art scene. The focus of the artist selection will come mainly from the Pacific Northwest.

During your internship, you can expect to visit artist studios, communicate with artists, execute contracts, prepare/install/de-install the gallery exhibitions, coordinate art openings and media relations. The exhibits will act as a launching platform for the corporate art acquisition opportunities.

Socially Engaged Art Intern - Urban Art Concept  

Socially Engaged Art is a new phenomenon where art becomes created by the community. UAC since 2012 has worked with the Seattle Parks and the Gates Foundation to realize themed based group art projects with wide appeal and fresh artistic presence in an urban setting. UAC will make new strides both in the public, through the park services, and corporate arena for marketing its art potential. Qualified intern will first take the four existing art projects of products and quantify its cost analysis. Once the product identification is figured out, we will apply it to the marketing potential both in the public and private sector. Currently we are seeking summer opportunities for Local Art Agencies in King County. If you have an urban planning, architecture, anthropology and design background or interest, this may be a welcomed playground for you. You will have the opportunity to create new connecting points and experiences that are temporary but have a lasting impact in the beholder's memory. As our lives become more urban centric, more of these well-thought-out experiences can be imagined. This is a hands-on project from inception, web design, art making, community outreach/research and interactions with various constituents.

We are looking for Winter and Spring interns.

If interested, please send a résumé and brief letter of interest, and the specific internship on the subject line to Bryan Ohno at

Contact information:

Bryan Ohno Gallery / Urban Art Concept

521 S. Main Street

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 459-6857