YOU become the ARTIST

It is simple, instead of going to a cafe for a break, you tinker with the tools and art materials. It is a place where you can rebalance your mind from all the rational and logical thinking. Your tinkering could be a painting, drawing, sculpting in clay, or build a wooden chair. You can even tear apart a radio and see what it looks like inside. A Tinker Master will be there to assist you.

The Tinker Box is a place where you can art refresh your mind during the business hours instead of taking a coffee break, happy hour or going to yoga.  All of the benefits boxed into one without any stimulants other than your mind activated by your hands with a sprinkle of your imagination.  

The show is free to the public.

Wed-Sat 1 ~ 4pm

December 7 ~ Janaury 13, 2018

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Special Events

ArtRefresh - December 26 6:30-8pm                                              Calming the mind after the hustle and bustle

ArtRefresh - January 4, 6:30-8pm                                                Envisioning the new year ahead

Carl Hasse