"Camille Patha is one of the rarest artists in the Northwest: someone who has remained fully committed to a lifetime of developing an expanding practice and refining a personal aesthetic vision. Throughout her career, her painting has oscillated between the figurative and the abstract. With Perpetually Forward, she demonstraters her fullest mastery of pure abstraction of her career, presenting canvases that embody wholly her imagery and vocabulary with unwavering voice and shocking vigor.

Patha asserts her power as a painter by creating imagery of a complete universe that enables the viewer to be absorbed fully within a boundless volume. She emphasizes the illusion of infinite space magically suspended within the thinnest film of the painting's frontal plane. Remaining with her idiosyncratic palette of peach, orange, yellow, turquoise, and fuchsia, she constructs a web from layers of forms. Her sticky web -- the holding of the viewer's attention -- is critical because she wishes to share a sense of wonder about the existential conundrums confronting every person."

     -- Rock Hushka, Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art, Tacoma Art Museum