Martin Blank

b. 1962-, Boston, MA

BFA Rhode Island School of Design 1984

Martin Blank started out working with Chihuly, and now has a key permanent installation outside the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA. His current abstract nature-based sculptures emphasize negative space and its interaction with mass, and the structures that form from nature’s reactions to its surroundings. In Forest Whisper, with light moving through every inch and limbs stretched out, the tree branch feels endless. Blank’s piece feels powerful and rich despite its delicate nature.

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Northwest Wildlife

About the Artist

Master welder Travis Pond is an avid collector of all metal—from scrap yards to garage sales—and he uses these metal parts as his 3D paint to bring beasts and mythical figures to life. He studies the anatomy of the animals and builds metal skeletons before their outer structure so they are anatomically correct. His reverence toward nature and mankind’s relationship through the industrial age is apparent as he brings in metaphors of human invention via parts, motors, and structures and transforms them into organic animal forms.  Some of his work can weigh up to 8000 pounds.

Travis Pond

b. 1976-, Vancouver, CA

Camille Patha

About the Museum Exhibition

This spring, MoNA features Seattle painter Camille Patha's latest series of abstract, boldly colored paintings and studies centered on the grid. Never one to shy away from large scale or complex visuals, Patha continues her exploration of what she calls "structured energy" with her newest works, where the grid acts as window or structure for fluid shapes and masses of bright colors in her signature palette of pinks, oranges, and blues.

Patha has her BA (1960) and MFA (1965) from the University of Washington, and also studied art at Arizona State University in the late 1950s. Through her 50-year artistic career, Patha has upended the stereotype of the more traditional notions of Northwest art with her early surrealist, feminist, expressionist works, always with a focus on color. Her work is in many major public and private collections, and most recently was featured in a one-person exhibition at Tacoma Art Museum in 2014 titled A Punch of Color: Fifty Years of Painting.

"I remain on a road of continued discovery, striving for a purer art form.”  — Camille Patha

Turn up the Volume

Museum of Northwest

1 April - 11 June 2017

Artist Talk: 1pm 30 April

"Tooling the Heart"

May 4 - 27, 2017

New artworks


Seattle Times Art Review

Seattle Times Art Review

Laura Hamje

b. 1986-, Yokom, TX


new paintings

July 27 - August 26, 2017

Artist Recption: July 27, 5:30pm

Originally from Yokom Texas, Laura received a BFA University of Washington in painting. In school, she learned her bold and impressionistic brush style reminiscent of the impressionist movement. She photographs familiar places, and later creates her work as an emotional response to the image. This intimate process connects the viewer to a space they have never been. Mt. St. Helens, framed in warm white, anchors the skyline with its near symmetry. From its peak, the ground moves like lava from one glowing color into the next until we hit the rust below. Brushes of yellow create streaks of candid sunlight among dark fields, as we feel one with the landscape.