Boris Vanrillaer


2015     In LEGO, We Connect: The Adventure Continues, Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle WA

             In LEGO, We Connect, Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle WA (See artwork from this show)

The Dark Knight™ 2015, 29” x 96” Monotype, Metallic paper on plexi, $4,000

Red Light District 2015, 13” x 48” Archival inks on metallic photographic paper $800

Effe Appeldoorn Bellen 2015, 13” x 43” Archival inks on metallic photographic paper $800

The Royal Dutch 2015, 13” x ” Archival inks on metallic photographic paper $900

The Royal Dutch

A secret airstrip in the middle of night, somewhere in the woods of Nottinghappend.  Sir Robin is about to embark on his latest and greatest adventure ever. Iconic symbols like The Apple and The Shell go back centuries when the apple was used to seduce Eve out of Eden and the scallop shell marked the route to Santiago. They are equally part of our childhood memories and will be for generations to come.

Who does not remember the smell of gas stations on long rides to our summer destinations to refuel and get a quick ice cream. Who did not play Mister Tell or Sir Hood and scared their parents with a simple apple, a bow and a younger sibling in tow to practice on.

Childhood memories, epic adventures and iconic symbols alike.

Effe Apeldoorn Bellen

On their way across the Galaxy Darth and Co get stranded on Asteroid 42, just outside Area 51. Did someone forget to fuel up or was it just the wrong turn into cyberspace.  Is Darth calling Scott to be beamed up, or will agent Scully magically show up and safe the day. It must be one of those days …

(*) Effe Apeldoorn bellen is a European commercial for an insurance company that created quite some traction in Europe in the nineties and shows the influence of popular culture on our childhood memories and dreams. Just like Star Trek, X-files and some others …

Red Light District

After Lady Red gave our bounty hunter a mysterious letter in the middle of the woods, we find Lord Fett back in the middle of the Red Light District of a major European city in the middle of the cold war. Secret agents, hidden messages and blind drops come to mind, but it is without any doubt that Darth will get hold of the letter. Will he use the Force, Magic or just his lightsaber ?

Only you know.

The Dark Knight

A sensory overload of popular childhood memories from TMNT over Lady Liberty to Wonder Woman and Little Red Riding Hood are engulfing us deep in the lands of the Shire.  Where is our Dark Knight taking this mysterious letter too ?.  Is a new romance in the make, or will our childhood fantasy take us into a different direction?  

Only time and your own imagination will tell.