Mike Stimpson

MIKE STIMPSON (Birmingham, UK) Instagram @balakov

A Stormtrooper looking out the window wistfully through falling rain... it's this type of unexpected, moody and lush visual interpretation of pop culture that UK toy photographer Mike Stimpson is known for. His work imbues our beloved icons and LEGO characters with an almost startling compassion, capturing them in quiet moments such as baking cupcakes, crafting a paper airplane, or playing with a kitten. These stories may have taken place “a long time ago in a galaxy far away,” but through Stimpson’s extraordinary vision, we are able to re-discover our own tender humanity in the present.


In LEGO, We Connect: The Adventure Continues

5 November  - 12 December 2015       Shelly Corbett           Mike Stimpson

521 S. Main St. Seattle, WA 98104       Boris Vanrillaer         Kristina Alexanderson

     Artist Reception:                                                     6 - 8pm Thursday 5 November 2015

     Family Toy Photography Workshop (free):           1 - 3pm Saturday 7 November 2015


OCTOBER 21, 2015 (Seattle) — Earlier this year, the Bryan Ohno Gallery hosted the first Fine Art Lego Photography exhibit in the world. Popular demand by critics and fans alike has resulted in this second, all-new show featuring even more artists from around the globe as they capture 21st century pop culture with a fresh sense of mystery, wonder and playfulness.

The act of building a world with your own hands is a powerful feeling. Block by block, piece by piece—the possibilities are limitless. This creative drive stems all the way back to youth—reminiscent of a child stretched out on the ground with LEGO spread all around, as they forge a world of their own creation. Above all other toys, LEGO’s foster this sense of play and imagination in every sense.

5 November through 12 December, the gallery welcomes new work from photographers Kristina Alexanderson, Shelly Corbett, Mike Stimpson and Boris Vanrillaer. Linked by their sense of wonder and imagination, each of these artists captures the beauty of humanity through the unexpected, yet wildly popular LEGO mini figures. Through their fine-art photographs, these artists are able to join these beloved characters to us in a way that we couldn’t imagine when we were children—but now can recognize in the soft moments of connection, empathy, and nature that are glimpsed and reflective of our own lives, past and present.

Please join us in geeking out over this unique exhibition that merges science, fantasy, art, and creativity in a way that hasn’t been seen before. 

The gallery will host an opening reception, open to the public, on Thursday, November 5th from 6-8pm. In addition, the artists will host a free family Toy Photography Workshop on Saturday, November 7 from 1-3pm.



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