Mike Stimpson


2015   In LEGO, We Connect, The Adventure Continues, Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle

              Brick by Brick, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage Alaska

2010   It's not a doll, it's an action figure, Bear and Bird Gallery, Florida

           Festival des Arts Visueles de Vevey - Switzerland

Spring (Stormtrooper with Kitten), 2015 13" x 13" Giclee, $650

Come At Me (Vader with Boxing Gloves) 2015, 24" x 24" Giclee, $1,500

Autumnal (Stormtrooper Looking Out of Rainy Window, 2015, 13" x 13" Giclee, $650

Desire (Stormtrooper with Valentine's Card) 2015, 13" x 13" Giclee, $650

Space Craft (Stormtrooper with Origami Star Destroyer), 2015 Giclee, $650


Although the infamous Stormtrooper is intended to be the feared foot soldier of the Empire, when his menace is removed via the conversion to LEGO his softer side comes through. His famous incompetence and naivety become lovable characteristics. Originally photographed for Valentine’s day, a soft image that hints at the joy of unexpected affection.

Come At Me

Darth Vader, the all-powerful Sith lord is used to being the most powerful man in the room. In this photograph Vader is taking the role of the threatened bully, insecure in his powers and eager to prove that even without the back-up of his light saber or army of Stormtroopers he can still win a fight.

Space Craft

This photograph comes from a phrase that has generated so many Stormtrooper photographs - “what do they do when they’re not at work?”. In this case the trooper is assigned the personality of the stereotypical middle-aged geek who likes nothing more than to retreat to his garage or shed to tinker with models and make something with his hands.


Without knowledge of the Star Wars universe this could be seen as a Stormtrooper experiencing a reflective, melancholic moment staring out into the rain. The fact that the Stormtrooper clones were created on the rain-soaked planet of Kamino gives a more nostalgic air. The subject once again experiencing rain after serving years in deep space, or on the arid desert planet of Tatooine or the snow-covered moons of the Hoth system.


Stormtroopers are rarely seen alone. As part of the Empire’s army they travel as a unit with a single purpose to follow the orders of their evil masters. I often wonder what they do in their free time, and if they prefer to spend their time alone. This simple photograph expresses the carefree joy of a trooper free from obligations and able to spend time with his favorite pet kitten in the sunny outdoors.