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Crazy Art will be a revelation to anyone who thinks that art is more or less limited to painting, sculpture and photography. The title features the work of more than sixty contemporary artists drawn from all over the world, demonstrating that there are absolutely no boundaries to expressing the most inventive and exciting ideas through a vast range of different media and materials. Five chapters pitch well-known artists - such as Carl Warner with his bizarre "foodscapes", or Nathan Swaya, creator of Brick Art, and Larry Moss with his famous balloon sculptures - alongside young practitioners like Pei-Sang Ng, an artist whose stunning matchstick designs burn brightly but all too briefly. Each artist and subject receives a short introduction, whilst illustrations and detailed descriptions provide insight into their most important, individual and creative works of art. From Food Art to Body Art, Junk Art to Street and even Dust Art, Crazy Art brings their original, radical and provocative ideas to life. Website links guide the reader toward more information on the artists, their work and the galleries or museums that give them patronage. Contents: The Child Within A Question of Perception Creating a World Ordinary made Extraordinary No Limits Also available: Crazy Design 9781908126030 Crazy Gifts 9781908126047

Here is the list – inevitably subjective! – we came up with:

Cole Blaq, Jason Freeny, Nathan Sawaya, Mike Stimpson, Dean West and Angus McLane.

Each artist is presented through an interview (by Laurent Bramardi) and a selection of what we found to be particularly representative of their work. 12 to 16 pages are dedicated to each of them.

LEGORAMART is an ambitious project. For a young company like ours, it is also a dangerous one; it is actually the first book of our line whose content is 100% created by us. It does represent a high-risk project.

Mike Stimpson