Erin M Riley

In order to make the sexualized woman less controversial, Erin M. Riley jarringly juxtaposes contemporary subject matter with the ancient practice of loom weaving. The woven surface of the work lends the subject matter literal tactility, and its faceless young women suggestively push at their breasts, peel off their clothing and engage in autoerotism. By capturing in textile what would take a mere matter of seconds to record and send digitally via text message or webcam, Riley’s tapestries force a pause and reconsideration.

Riley has been exhibiting her work since 2006. She holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an MFA from the Tyler School of art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has also studied with renowned Jacquard weaving artist Louise Lemieux Bérubé in Montreal, Quebec. Riley lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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